Robert Goluba is an author of inspirational Christian Fiction stories. He lives in Gilbert, Arizona with his wonderful wife, two kids, and canine companion. He loves Jesus, his family, hiking, and football. He writes a variety of topics including inspirational Christian fiction stories with a message, Bible parables retold as modern parables,  redemptive stories, and Christian short stories.


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Dave Tisdale is a young, handsome high school PE teacher with a beautiful wife. He’s also arrogant and critical of physical appearance. His wife Megan is losing patience with his constant judgment, but nothing phases Dave until one day the sky turns an eerie shade of red. Then everything changes. All humans wake up with X-Ray vision and everyone, including Dave’s beautiful wife, looks like a skeleton. Life must go on, but Dave’s world is turned upside down and it affects everything, including his marriage. Is this new perspective enough to redeem Dave and save his marriage?

If you like clean, redemptive romance stories with a unique twist, you’ll love Beyond Beautiful!



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Captivating plots fill the pages of Hope Refreshed as famous Bible parables are retold as relatable, modern stories. Six contemporary stories with dramatic plots and compelling characters in present-day predicaments deliver inspirational messages of wisdom, hope and redemption. Clean stories with no sex or profanity. If you like entertaining Christian stories that inspire, you’ll love Hope Refreshed!