I Prayed for Guidance and Got an Answer, but I Didn’t Like It!

As I grow in my faith in Jesus, I am trying more and more to turn my life over to God in all my decisions.  That applies especially to big decisions that I am wrestling with in my life.

I want to share one of my experiences.

Like a lot of people, I want to make a difference in the world.  Not a little one, but a big one.  I believe I have a lot of good ideas, so I began praying for guidance on which path God wanted me to take. I have my personal favorites, so occasionally I would think God was telling me to “Go for it,” but I knew better.  That was my inner voice, not His.

After about nine months of praying, I got a powerful feeling my prayer was answered, but it wasn’t what I expected.  Or what I wanted to hear.  I heard: Focus on yourself and become a living example for others!

I thought that surely that couldn’t be what God really wanted from me.  Maybe he didn’t hear all my great ideas about a new company I could start that would tithe all its profits or tools I could create that would encourage other Christians to serve the poor or lead a charge of national revival on social media.  I was willing to go big from the comfort of my home office, and I wanted His blessing, but I didn’t get the response I wanted.

Another nine months or so passed and I continued to pray for guidance on which “big” idea God thought was best for me.  It was crickets again until I got that strong message again.  This time, it was even clearer: Know the Bible well and be a living example of the love of Jesus!

I couldn’t ignore this one and this time, it made perfect sense to me.  I’ve been wanting to “help” and “serve” by trying to fix other people, but I wasn’t doing all I could to show (not just say or Tweet) the love a single Christian can provide as a disciple of Jesus. For those of you that know the parable in Matthew 7, I was looking pluck the specs of wood from as many eyes as possible while knocking people over with the log in my own eye.

It’s a humbling experience to admit we have our personal sins, vices, quirks and issues that require us to turn inward before we can focus on helping (or fixing) others.  I still have a lot of unanswered questions, but I do have a strong sense of clarity and direction now.  I believe I can make a big difference by how I live every day and not just what I say or do at the opportune time. I read the Bible as often as possible and try to be a living example of the scriptures I read. It’s not easy, but I know what I am doing is making an impact although I may not see it every day.

Many in society are watching Christians very closely to see how we act and react to the darkness in the world. Some even take great pleasure when they see Christians fall and fail. However, as Christians, we can bring light to people that have never experienced the love of Jesus simply by how we act and how we love.

Trust in Jesus and let Him shine through you!